scott + garance

i got to see these two speak tonight at the tribeca skyline studios.
very insightful + very eye opening.
something very hard to hear was that scott basically doesn't respect blogs like mine.
he thinks we are basically "stealing."
garance is so stunning in person! she's so humble + so cute.
i can't get over her amazing french accent either.

p.s. sorry for the crappy pics...took them with my iphone.


  1. Your so lucky I would have loved to have been there!


  2. As much as I love Scott's blog in fact I can't think of anyone that doesn't. its not possible that we have the same luxury to be out shooting, making beautiful images and getting paid for it all day long. I think to be able to share images like ...etc, jjjound, le fashion, 149 Sullivan, and many others do that is so appreciated in the same way that Scott and Garance are so appreciated.

    Many thanks to all of you.

  3. scott is a cocky douchebag who brags how great his sex is:


    You look fit – just not big like a quarterback.
    I'm pretty good at the sex. And pretty good at picture taking. That's about it. Garance is pretty happy. And the hotel-room neighbours are pretty pissed. You can write that; that's totally fine with me.

    You want people to know you're good in bed?
    Yeah. Yeah.

  4. it's interesting, I met them at IFB (like barely, I said some dorky fan thing to them and asked for a pic)... anyway, about a year ago I wrote to Scott and asked him about using his images, if it was OK or not, and he actually wrote back very promptly and said one a month was ok but more violated his contracts (i guess with magazines/his gallery?) ... so in a way i'm surprised he had such a strong stance at this panel because if he had just said NO don't use my image you little thief, i would have TOTALLY respected that! but he didn't... anyway, i barely use their stuff actually. For some reason with those two, I am extremely reluctant even though I am a very thoroughly image crediter and linker (which ultimately improves page ranks, not that most sites need my help with that!)

    anyway, i ramble...

    next year come out for chictopia and IFB!

    xo holier than now

  5. omg ^^ that article is such a turn off.

    - holier (again)

  6. jenn- i was there tonight too! wish i knew you were there!

    anyway he came across as an arrogant douche and seems very controlling of garance. did you notice how he tried to take credit for getting garance started? he treated her like a child, almost as if he were her father.

    i am sooo turned off by him now. great you take good pics, but you are not a god. he even continued to say how much of a pioneer he is.

    on the other hand garance is soo humble. you are so right with that. you could even tell she didn't like all he was saying.

    honestly i don't see why she is with him.

    so yea screw scott.

  7. I love blogs like yours because they make it a lot easier to find and see the best and most beautiful stuff out there. I don't have the time to go sifting through dozens of sites to find the best editorials, but I do have Le Fashion and Studded Hearts and Pepper and Chips!

    So rest assured, "blogs like yours" are just as important to the blog world as blogs like The Sartorialist.

  8. yeah the sartorialist does take credit for being a pioneer in street blogs but then again it is because of blogs like urs that help his blog get "out" there...
    and i bet garance is super cute in person. she seems so sweet

  9. hi.
    i just read this to my husband. we both love scott and garance's sites but scott has to realize that he is stealing as well. coming from a photographer's perspective, my husband's, he's become famous and successful by stealing little moments of people's lives who are just passing by. they do all the work, they're the ones that got up in the morning and picked their outfits and he presses a button and gets all the credit when the credit is really due to the people he photographs.

  10. scott is an amazing photographer but as for pioneer. hmmm. not really. check out bill cunningham who's been doing it for years:


  11. well Jenn, I quite respect Scott's opinion because well, everyone has their own opinion but I don't really like his. cause ALL of your blogs have been such a huge inspiration to me in this past year and I've learned so much more about blogging and photography and fashion. (: <3 thank you so much for all the blogs.

  12. Your blog has been as much of an inspiration to many bloggers/fashion lovers as the sartorialist has. You share what is beautiful out there as filtered through your perspective, and that in itself is original, creative and useful. As much as I respect Scott's photography, I am so put off by his arrogant attitude that I find myself reluctant to read his blog.


  13. That article..ouch! Someone needs some media training! I still love them both though and I agree that blogs like yours have collectively helped to propel his blog. I also like that he appreciates those that travelled to see him and is humbled by that. Good post, thanks!

  14. Bonjour, great blog you have ... i believe it's interesting to hear Scott's criticism in general even if it somehow hurts ... BUT in reality it doesn't have to because you just have a different personal approach to blogging that represents action in fashion anyways !! i hope that makes sense ... anyways, Garance looks so pretty ... love her denim/camel leather outfit, trop chic!!!

  15. wow. thank you for posting the pix and thoughts. wanted to be there, I find garance so sweet and hilarious in her blog. No idea about scott...will the article now!

  16. I'm echoing a lot of the comments here, but I think it's important that Scott realizes it's the blogs that repost his photographs that have helped get his name out and given him the large following that he has today.

    On a friendly note, Garance's new hair looks really cute :)


  17. just know that there are many people who appreciate your blogs and the time that it takes for you to update constantly!

  18. Wow, amazing! they're so cute!


  19. waa that is so cool they are amazing bloggers and brilliant photographers:D

  20. Really? I didn't think Scott was like that... I really don't think we're stealing. I mean, we write where we got the pictures. I'd like to say blogs like this are like Bloglovin'. A collection of the best images :)

  21. congrats!!
    I like very much your blog, is quite an inspiration for me.


  22. I love your blog and read it just about everyday. But that said, from a legal standpoint Scott is absolutely correct. His work is copyrighted. You cannot reproduce his work without his explicit permission.

  23. as said before, it's "blogs like yours" that made him "famous". i think your blog is fantastic, and theres so many different stuff here, not just fx. editorials.

    keep on!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. well, it's a shame scott thinks that way, because he would be nothing without the gadzillions of people (let me guess, bloggers?), who have been going to his place through the years...
    i have a blog very similar to yours, and i'm absolutely ok if other people don't understand it. i know that there are lots of girls, and boys, that don't have time or don't know were to search for the cool pictures, models, collections, clothes, mags, editorials, photograps, and so on... so i think blogs like ours can be a useful way of people to find stuff they like and be inspired in a lot of ways.
    i have more than a 100 blogs in my favourites, but i assure you: i come here everyday, and i skip the scott's more than once - i get tired of him...
    so keep the good job!! :)

  26. Wow. Scott sounds like a douche. I feel like he is stealing people's money by selling an idea that he knows shit from sugar.

    You can't steal creativity, or appreciate of art, culture, the world, etc.

  27. blah, *Appreciation of art.

    I just wanted to say I TOTALLY agree with @anna-lee and jesse.

  28. love her accent!

    sincerely, the the fashionista from...


  29. Does Scott not realize that most of his biggest followers are the fashion bloggers he is saying are "stealing" his images?? We are the ones who are re-circulating them and giving voices to the looks when he is too busy to write descriptions of what caught his eye and why. . . So strange. He is also just photographing these looks (with great skill of course) . . .but he's not the one creating them. The people who he photographs are the ones who fabricate their ensembles and Scott just catches a particular moment in their day.

  30. Well, yes, Scott is amazing at his picture-taking-mix but c'mon, without "blogs like yours", they would hardly be as appreciated and well-known as they are today. Keep up the good work with Le Fashion!

  31. as much as i love me some Sart, i check your blog just as often. thanks for sharing, sharing, sharing the hell out of amazing things!

  32. btw - i use (and source!)some of your images on my blog and tumblr.



    cheers...keep sharing.

  33. that totally bums me out. blogs like yours and many others (including mine) simply showcase inspirational great work. i would be so flattered if my photography was great enough to have the virility his does. plus, that virility is what is landing him larger paid sponsorships and book deals. where would he be without all his loyal fans (many of which are bloggers sending him traffic)? as for garance, she is a doll. xo

  34. I agree with Geri. You both have amazing blogs and they are so inspiring. I don't agree with his viewpoint at all.

  35. oof, that was quite the heavy statement.

    i think that what a lot of people don't realize is that blogs your and mine and many others out there, showcase our personal aesthetics. i work hard to editorialize the content on my blog and it just so happens to include photos i find on the net.

    if professionals don't want to have people "stealing" their work, don't make it so easily available. it's the risk of the internet. uh, duh, scott! :P

    kudos to you jenn! it's much hard to share your vision and what inspires you when you don't have the resources or channel that scott does.

    keep blogging! ;)

  36. hey there, i sent you a new email, from vivianamytran@. have you gotten it yet?

  37. Keep doing what your doing..I met him in LA when he was here..not to friendly ,I must say...
    Its shocking to hear him say that he doesnt like other Blogs like his,But then he goes out and Brags about being the pioneer of all of them?....It just seems all a bit hypocritical...

  38. Wow, I was just reading some of the comments readers were posting as well as reading his interview and I completely agree, it is really a turn off. The thing is I really like The Satorialist, but I also believe in being gracious and having humility with yourself and with others. So after hearing this it seriously makes me not want to visit his site anymore, because I cannot support arrogance!!

  39. these comments make me disinterested in Scott as a blogger and person! Quite the shame... well thanks for sharing your experience, & blogs like yours are like collages, nothing better than that! xoxo

  40. You're not stealing. For one, no one has ever put the images you choose together in the exact same way. Plus, you always credit the source.

  41. Stealing? I'm sure he got the idea from the Japanese style books called Fruits. Remember those?
    Anyway you got to get your inspiration from somewhere right.

    Someone that says they're good in bed and talks themselves up is usually not, well in my experience anyway. Who knows? And who cares if hes great in bed? ew

  42. I use your blog to pull images for my drawings... so you narrow down all the editorials for me. And I don't have to spend mad money to have visual fodder.

  43. I have respect for bloggers who meticulously credit their sources. But I do think sometimes you (and I am sure lots of other bloggers) miss crediting some pictures and or get lazy with crediting. That is probably what he is talking about. I think that bloggers should just not post images if they cannot find who to credit, honestly I do agree that that is unfair usage of someone's intellectual property. I mean you would not put something in a research paper that you remembered but did not know who to credit (you would look it up and at that point you could then include it in your paper). It is just simply plagiarism either way. I am not trying to say that you are not making an effort to credit sources, but the fact that sometimes you are not that thorough with citing is one of the things that bothers me about your blog.

    The other thing that bothers me about your blogs is that you advertise your blog with pictures of smoking on your other blogs. I just think you would understand that doing that would have a psychological influence on your readers that perpetuates this image that smoking looks "cool" when in fact, no matter how you define cool, smoking would not fit in the definition because who thinks it a good thing to expose not only yourself but more so others to a carcinogen.

  44. to this last anon:

    1) scott wasn't talking about crediting. he thinks we should not be allowed to do this period without essentially paying the artist.

    2) i understand the importance of crediting the source. i guarantee that i am not being lazy about it. because images float from site to site there is not always the possibility of knowing the direct source. this is true for 99% of what i post. you claim i am not thorough, but i very seldom post something without having the source where i found it.

    3) as for the smoking issue. of course i am going to show a pic link to my smoking image blog! i want to share my blogs with all my readers.

  45. About the image stealing, I feel once you publish an image on the internet, the ENTIRE WORLD has access to it, and essentially you give up ownership of it. By publishing, you are saying you don't mind thousands of people seeing this image you have put out there.

    I had the crazy fangirl pleasure of meeting Scott & Garance at the Alexander Wang show last weekend. I gushed about loving their work and asked if I could photograph them. Garance was sweet and gracious, and absolutely gorgeous. Scott just kind of stood there. Then I tried a few times to take a picture of Garance in action, photographing other people, and Scott repeatedly walked in front of my shot, so I ended up photographing the side or back of his head. I can totally understand all of the 'Scott's-a-douche' comments.

  46. i think scott's on an EVER SO SLIGHT ego trip. I mean really. Sorry we all can't just galavant around the world having affairs with french women and taking photographs on extremely expensive cameras of extrem,ely rich and famous people.

    I've got respect for his work, but he needs to get over himself...


  47. Sorry, but crediting photos with sources like "flickr", "tumblr", and "ffffound" is nowhere near close to making a real effort at giving credit.
    If you actually posted an original piece of work, would you consider someone to be crediting you if they said that the source was "blogspot"? I'm sure that the other sites that you get photos from aren't always the direct source but I think in general any blogger who posts work that isn't their own should make a serious effort to tell readers who the original author was. In that sense, blogs like this can be great. They can help bring exposure to artists that readers would otherwise not know about. But if you're not mentioning the author all you're doing is entertaining your readers, which is not doing a huge amount of good for the art/design community.
    It's like what some commentors mentioned about the Sartorialist benefiting from having its pictures posted on other blogs-- how would it have helped his blog if no one ever mentioned that the pictures were from the Sartorialist?

    I like your blogs, but I really think you (and many other bloggers as well) have to step it up with how you credit your material.

  48. I think your blog is great! You're not stealing, I think these blogs are the best because they collect all the beautiful pictures and put them together in one blog. So you get like one full inspirational blog!

  49. Really? Hmmm...

  50. Trust me...he's an jerk. He showed up to a book signing event I produced and picked-up on so many girls it was ridiculous. He was exchanging numbers with girls (not guys) and acted as if he were a rock star standing at no more than 4'9 at best. He's such an overcompensating, egotistical shrimp.

    Can't wait for Bill Cunningham's documentary film to come out to remind us all (and Scott) who originally set this trend and has continued to do so with great humility, artistry and respect for others.


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