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i went to vancouver a couple weeks ago for the OBAKKI F/W 2011 show + had an AMAZING
time! i had a chance to visit their gorgeous store + check out all of the lovely S/S 2011
collection. the prints were dreamy, the bags were buttery soft + margot, who manages the
store, had the best hair color ever! i've been looking for a way to subtly add pink to my
brunette hair, so hers is perfect inspiration. anyway, if you are ever visiting vancouver or
live there, stop by! their team is SUPER nice. if you can't visit, shop their online store.
gahhh so many great things-- i promise you'll find something you ♥.

can't wait for you to see my shots of the F/W 2011 show! posting soon!


  1. Whoa the prints look like watercolor- are they handmade?

  2. gorgeous photos! love the things hanging from the ceiling :)


  3. Glad you enjoyed the show, I'm from Vancouver and so proud of how prominent Vancouver's fashion is becoming.

  4. love the store layout and that black bag!

    btw do drop by my site as i have EXTENDED THE BRASHY x MONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY by a week. No harm trying your luck for a cool tshirt (:



  5. wow their prints are absolutely stunning! & their whole shop looks pretty amazing too. gonna have to check them out.x


  6. Beautiful pics.... Nice creations ;)
    love the jewels ;)

    LADY GAGA show @ Cannes http://magmoiselle.fr

  7. Stunning prints and easy, wearable clothing! LOVE.
    - WMS.


  8. all the items look absolutely amazing, the colors are beautiful and the detail is great.


  9. prints are absolutly fabulous...


  10. looks so cool! i love it! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  11. I recently did my hair kind of like that, but in purple!

  12. this is amazing, that jumper in the last photo is so great! xx


  13. beautiful blog!


  14. I've been admiring their clothes on several blogs and I think a visit to their online store is due. :) Ada

  15. Quite a charming collection of fabric

  16. LOVE Obakki!!
    And most importantly, it's CANADIAN!!


  17. I love/want that bag !! it's so beautiful:)

  18. Oooo, that store looks amazing. Love her hair!

  19. That last print is so gorgeous, so perfect for Spring <3 !



  20. Love the necklaces and that piece of clothing on that last picture!

  21. Lovely! Thanks!


  22. Excellent because with this clothe we can feel really comfortable and fresh, and also that black bag is something glamorous.

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