Le Fashion Blog Black Moto Jacket White Shirt Dress Spring Summer Style Simple Black Watch 2014 Via La Cool And Chic Tumblr photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Black-Moto-Jacket-White-Dress-Spring-Summer-Style-2014-Via-La-Cool-And-Chic-Tumblr.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Black Moto Jacket White Dress Spring Summer Style Wavy Long Bob Hair 2014 Model Karolina Mrozkova Via Hannah Sider photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Black-Moto-Jacket-White-Dress-Spring-Summer-Style-Wavy-Bob-2014-Via-Hannah-Sider.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Black Moto Jacket Pleated White Dress Cut Out flat Sandal Booties Spring Summer Style 2014 Via Cherry L Lookbook Nu photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Black-Moto-Jacket-White-Dress-Spring-Summer-Style-2014-Via-Lookbook-Nu.jpeg
Photos via: La Cool & Chic | Hannah Sider | Lookbook

You can never go wrong with a classic black leather moto jacket over a minimal white dress.

Get the look:
+ Rebecca Taylor Cotton Poplin Shirtdress
+ BB Dakota Atleg Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
+ Thakoon Addition Stretch Cotton Dropped-Waist Dress
+ Glamorous Swing Shirt Dress with Empire Seam
+ VEDA Next Leather Jacket
+ All Saints Luna Shirt Dress


  1. You just planned my outfit for tomorrow, hehe ;)

    xo Sabrina

  2. need to find that perfect white shirt dress..


    1. Good luck! I know it's not an easy task. So many look good on the model, but on me... not so much ;(

  3. I want a leather jacket so badly!


  4. Love the leather jackets <3


  5. you're absolutely right. It's the perfect combo! I love my white shirt dress. It's from Zara and I've used it so many times, but there's nothing like pairing it with just basics, like a leather jacket.

    visit my at www.peoplewearfashion.com

  6. very cool dress ! ! !


  7. Leather moto jacket and white shirt is always a great combo!

  8. it's true, leather and white dress, it's perfect!



  9. I love it! Beautiful inspiration! I love moto jackets, and it's perfect with white dresses!

  10. i adore moto jackets


  11. amazing look.


  12. Oh that's me in the first pic! I'm wearing a shirt dress by BC The Label, set to be released in August or September I think. I'll keep you posted on it if you like, it's so lovely and simple, the way a good shirt dress should be :) x

  13. inspiring!


  14. Love the idea, because it is a combination of two styles. Not too girly, not to rocker. Third picture is lovely. <3
    Lots of love, xx


  15. So cool! Glamrock, chick and edgy!


  16. I am so in love with this look. I hate retiring my classic moto jacket in the summer, so this is a great way to keep it in my warm weather wardrobe.


  17. Hello!
    Is it possible to release this leather jacket body in combination with Ash, Jane and custom Shepard in a modeler's group for rendering software users on deviant Art? Would be so nice.
    I do not know how you created this mod, but it looks very good!

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  18. Exquisite white dress.White attire is amazingly versatile.In summer, white shading dresses made of cotton are preferable as they are cool and lightweight.My most loved colour in dresses is white and usually like to wear white dress..!!

  19. Oh ! how much beautiful black jacket and white dress. Looking very awesome and superb . So thanks a lot for sharing these with us.

  20. Wow ! how much beautiful and attractive dress . Gorgeous looking.

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