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"You’re considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion… but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity." - Sofia Coppola

As some of you may know, Sofia Coppola is one of my top style muses. This past week the online fashion community celebrated her birthday and I happened to come across this quote on Garance Doré. It definitely hit close to home, as I often find myself defending the world of fashion and blogging to people outside of the industry.

What do you guys think about this quote? Do people ever not take you seriously because of your love-of or connection to fashion?


  1. gorgeous post:)


  2. This is such a great post!


  3. Yeah, sometimes people think that fashion is just about clothes, but they don't understand that for many people is a job and anyway an outfit is not just a dress, but a way to be.

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  4. Very true. And I can't stand people who are not interested in fashion and so think they're deep.

  5. She is amazing. I absolutely agree with that quote. It's a shame to me that people think they are better than others because of the things they're interested in.

  6. Gotta love her! Yes I totally agree I can also relate, some people take it as a joke.. but what will people be without fashion, we def need it in our lives.


  7. This is beautiful. I've always hated the way fashion-lovers are considered less intelligent or insubstantial!

  8. Wow I needed to really read that! it hits home that's exactly how I been feeling about myself lately:( secretly feeling shameful that fashion is basically what I breathe for! yes I'm into other worldly stuff like current events, spiritual things and animal welfare, but there is nothing like escaping into the world of beautiful things! then as soon as I indulge I immediately feel guilty thinking that there are more important matters going on that I should be worry about. It's aconstant battle with myself so thanks for putting that quote up. I was guided here for a reason the universe always knows :)

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