20 Alternative Wedding Looks

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Stone Cold Fox Boho Rock Dress Erin Wasson Short Veil Free People Non-Traditional Bride photo 1-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Stone-Cold-Fox-Boho-Rock-Dress-Erin-Wasson-Short-Veil-Free-People.jpg
1. Stone Cold Fox dress

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Naeem Khan Bridal Long Veil Separates Wide Leg Pants Non-Traditional Bride photo 2-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Naeem-Khan-Bridal-Long-Veil-Separates-Wide-Leg-Pants.jpg
2. Naeem Khan separates

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Jenna Lyons Solange Knowles Wedding Fur Coat Feather Maxi Skirt Non-Traditional Bride photo 3-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Jenna-Lyons-Solange-Knowles-Wedding-Fur-Coat-Feather-Maxi-Skirt.jpg
3. Jenna Lyons at Solange Knowles' wedding

As some of you may know, my fiancé and I have been engaged for over two years now. We got engaged right before my dad passed away, so the wedding planning got put on the back-burner. It's been hard to think of having a wedding without my dad being around, but we've finally come around to feeling excited about it again and are slowly starting to make plans. With that, of course, comes the search for the perfect wedding look. I've been on the hunt for a more non-traditional wedding look and have really been interested in the idea of pants. These are some of the best alternative looks I've come across so far.

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20 Alternative Wedding Looks Romantic Houghton Bridal Selena Lace Pant Jumpsuit Non-Traditional Bride photo 4-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Romantic-Houghton-Bridal-Selena-Lace-Pant-Jumpsuit.jpg
4. Houghton Lace jumpsuit

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Elin Kling White Minimal Tee Pants Bright Lipstick Non-Traditional Bride photo 5-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Elin-Kling-White-Minimal-Tee-Pants-Bright-Lipstick-1.jpg
20 Alternative Wedding Looks Elin Kling White Minimal Tee Wide Leg Pants Bright Lipstick Non-Traditional Bride photo 5-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Elin-Kling-White-Minimal-Tee-Wide-Leg-Pants-Bright-Lipstick-2.jpg
5. Elin Kling via RDuJour

20 Alternative Wedding Looks VLabel London Carnaby Dress With Wrap Detail Skirt Short Veil Non-Traditional Bride photo 6-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-VLabel-London-Carnaby-Dress-With-Wrap-Detail-Skirt-Short-Veil.jpg
6. VLabel London Carnaby Dress With Wrap Detail Skirt

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Bridal Sheer Pant Jumpsuit Photographer Jose Villa Non-Traditional Bride photo 7-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Bridal-Sheer-Pant-Jumpsuit-Photographer-Jose-Villa.jpg
7. Once Wed // Jose Villa

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Proenza Schouler FW 2013 Bridal Lace Belted Dress Cut Out Details Non-Traditional Bride photo 8-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Proenza-Schouler-FW-2013-Bridal-Lace-Belted-Dress-Cut-Out-Details.jpg
8. Proenza Schouler F/W 2013

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Solace London Aurora Plunge Neck Shift Dress Non-Traditional Bride photo 9-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Solace-London-Aurora-Plunge-Neck-Shift-Dress.jpg
9. Solace London Aurora Plunge Neck Shift Dress

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Erica Pelosini The Coveteur Embroidered Tassel Mini Dress Non-Traditional Bride photo 10-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Erica-Pelosini-The-Coveteur-Embroidered-Tassel-Mini-Dress.jpg
10. Erica Pelosini // The Coveteur

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Haider Ackermann Lace Cami Silk Chiffon Satin Dress Blazer Jacket Pants Non-Traditional Bride photo 11-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Haider-Ackermann-Lace-Cami-Silk-Chiffon-Satin-Dress-Blazer-Jacket-Pants.jpg
20 Alternative Wedding Looks Haider Ackermann Lace Cami Silk Chiffon Satin Dress Cuffed Pants Non-Traditional Bride photo 11-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Haider-Ackermann-Lace-Cami-Silk-Chiffon-Satin-Dress-Cuffed-Pants.jpg
11. Haider Ackermann

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Solange Knowles Wedding Cape Dress Humberto Leon For Kenzo Gold Cuffs Non-Traditional Bride photo 12-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Solange-Knowles-Wedding-Cape-Dress-Humberto-Leon-For-Kenzo-Gold-Cuffs.jpg
12. Solange Knowles Humberto Leon For Kenzo Cape Dress

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Vera Wang Bridal FW 2015 Lace Cami Grunge Style Boots Non-Traditional Bride photo 13-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Vera-Wang-Bridal-Lace-Cami-Grunge-Style-Boots.jpg
13. Vera Wang Bridal F/W 2015

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Reformation Sofia Two Piece Lace Crop Top Maxi Skirt Non-Traditional Bride photo 14-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Reformation-Sofia-Two-Piece-Lace-Crop-Top-Maxi-Skirt.jpg
14. Reformation Sofia Two Piece

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Short Simple Dress Mini NYC City Hall Refinery29 photo 15-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Short-Simple-Dress-Mini-NYC-City-Hall-Refinery29.jpg
15. NYC City Hall // Refinery29

20 Alternative Wedding Looks ALC Cut Out Misch Maxi Dress Thigh Slit Non-Traditional Bride photo 16-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-ALC-Cut-Out-Misch-Maxi-Dress-Thigh-Slit.jpg
16. A.L.C. Misch Maxi Dress

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Valentino Resort 2013 Lace Button Down Shirt Pants Kitten Heels Non-Traditional Bride photo 17-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Valentino-Resort-2013-Lace-Button-Down-Shirt-Pants-Kitten-Heels.jpg
17. Valentino Resort 2013

18 20 Alternative Wedding Looks Calvin Klein Collection SS 2011 Minimal Front Tie Sleeveless Dress Non-Traditional Bride photo 18-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Calvin-Klein-Collection-SS-2011-Minimal-Front-Tie-Sleeveless-Dress.jpg
18. Calvin Klein Collection

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Valentino Vintage White Embroidered Jumpsuit Non-Traditional Bride photo 19-20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Valentino-Vintage-White-Embroidered-Jumpsuit.jpg
19. Valentino Vintage White Embroidered Jumpsuit

20 Alternative Wedding Looks Richard Nicoll Bridal Topshop Sheer Lace Mini Dress Non-Traditional Bride photo 20-Alternative-Wedding-Looks-Richard-Nicoll-Bridal-Topshop-Sheer-Lace-Mini-Dress.jpg
20. Richard Nicoll for Topshop Lace Mini Dress


  1. So many pretty looks. No.1 and no. 5 are my fav<3

    Shall We Sasa

  2. Very cool post!!!

  3. You are very pretty interesting and beautiful

  4. A sharp deviation from the traditional wedding gown looks, really cool designs for the modern bride!


  5. Elin Kling is so amazing!!



  6. great


  7. I love all of these, but No. 11 is my favorite!


  8. The first lace top jumpsuit is my favourite! It's still weddingy but not traditional at all!

  9. Gorgeous outfits! Nice looks for a wedding if you want to do something non-traditional!


  10. Solonge looked stunning in all of her wedding day outfits.
    Rubi | The Den

  11. Love the originality in these outfits. I wish more people took fashion risks like these, it would be so much more fun!

  12. oh my god YES! I love the idea of pants, and anything non-traditional about the bridal getup. I think it's so important to think of the wedding as something relating to our lives now, not just what it was in the past. I'm seriously in love with those Haidar Ackermann looks...

  13. Love this!!


  14. Salonze wedding was the best celebrity marriage of the 2014, because of style and some controversies too. The white theme of the wedding rock throughout the media.

  15. love this style!

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  18. The first look is awesome and really fun

  19. Elin Kling goddess!!
    Lots of love, xx


  20. Jenna Lyons has incredible style - how luxurious yet free-spirited and bohemian does her style look. Love it.

  21. cool designs but No.11 is best of all.

  22. Loved Solange's look...it was definitely different that your traditional wedding look and lets you know what to wear to a wedding.

  23. LaTeStt ... good post! (Y)
    I just tried these-

  24. Love these alternative options! Great to see you can have a stylish wedding look without being super traditional!

  25. Well I think wedding planning is not every one’s cup of tea! I like to plan wedding in my own style, and so I am thinking to plan my sister wedding which we are going to host at best Wedding location in Chicago. Can you suggest me unique ideas?

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