Street Style: A Laid-Back Chic Way To Wear A Neck Scarf

Le Fashion Blog  Laid Back Way To Wear A Neck Scarf Christina Herrmann Street Style Tuxedo Blazer Distressed Tee Boyfriend Jeans Buckled Wedge Sandals Via Vanessa Jackman
Le Fashion Blog  Laid Back Way To Wear A Neck Scarf Christina Herrmann Street Style Tuxedo Blazer Distressed Tee Via Vanessa Jackman
Photos via: Vanessa Jackman

Completely on board with how this street style star uses a chic neck scarf to elevate her laid-back style. It brings the ensemble together perfectly!

Get the look:
+ Urban Outfitters Silky Square Scarf
+ ASOS Premium Ponte Double Breasted Blazer
+ Express Distressed Slub Boyfriend Tee
+ Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jeans
+ Matisse Honor Wedge Sandals


  1. this is such a great effortless look


  2. So chique! But I don't think it's my style though... Lol


    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Love the scarf, maybe not with those jeans and oversized blazer though


  4. Very nice style neck scarf looking awesome.

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