A Casual Cool Way To Wear A Bomber Jacket

Le Fashion Blog Army Green Bomber Jacket White Tee Black Skinny Jeans Round Toe Ankle Boots Via Death By Elocution
Photo via: Death By Elocution

We can't get enough of this casual cool take on the bomber jacket! This is an outfit formula that you cannot go wrong with. All you need is an army green bomber jacket, a long white tee, skinny black jeans and round toe ankle boots.

Get the look:
+ Mango Khaki Bomber Jacket
+ Kenneth Cole Silk Bomber Jacket
+ Feel The Piece Nicola Crew Neck Tee
+ Spanx Look At Me Leggings
+ Vagabond Emira Leather Ankle Boots


  1. Perfect <3


  2. Effortless and chic!


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  4. That bomber is everything!
    Jabeen x

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  6. Love the army green shade!
    I post every Monday and Friday, check out my blog if you have time! :)

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