See Giovanna Battaglia's Take On The Cold Shoulder Dress

Le Fashion Blog Street Style Giovanna Battaglia Top Knot Round Sunglasses Black Cold Shoulder Dress Patent Bag Printed Pointed Toe Flats Via NYTimes
Photo via: NYTimes

If you want to look sexy without having to bare it all in a crop top, we've got you covered! Giovanna Battaglia shows us how do just that in a black cold shoulder dress, a messy top knot, round sunglasses and printed pointed-toe flats. This is one trend that is guaranteed to look great for all ages.

Get the look:
+ A.J. Morgan Round Sunglasses
+ Celine Rib Mid-Length Dress
+ Ecommae Cut-Out Turtleneck Dress
+ Rumbatime Chelsea Studded Clutch
+ Nine West Vavoom T-Strap Flats


  1. Love the fit and the cutouts!


  2. Love it!


  3. Great style. This outfit is perfect.



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