A Polished-Meets-Casual Way To Wear A Distressed Denim Skirt

Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Polished Meets Casual Look Sweater Navy Military Blazer Distressed Denim Skirt Brown Loewe Bag Converse Sneakers Via Camille Over The Rainbow
Photo via: Camille Over The Rainbow

We cannot get enough of blogger Camille Charrière's polished-meets-casual look. Here she is carrying a Loewe bag in a simple knit, a navy military blazer, a flirty distressed denim skirt and casual Converse sneakers.

Get the look:
+ Brave Soul Straight Jacket
+ Hype Park And Lune June Top
Loewe Large Puzzle Satchel Bag
+ Alexander Wang Deni Miniskirt
+ Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneakers


  1. Love it!

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