Street Style: How To Create The Perfect Romantic Look

Le Fashion Blog Street Style Date Night Style White Off The Shoulder Lace Top Red Body Con Skirt With A Flared Hem Mini Nude Bag Valentino Rockstud Heels Via The Outfit
Photo via: The Outfit

We are oh-so smitten with this street style star's romantic look. We love how her flirty lace off-the shoulder top is neatly tucked into her red body-con skirt with a flared hem and accessorized with a simple nude bag and showstopping Valentino rockstud metallic pumps. The best part is that this look is suitable for a daytime and nighttime date.

Get the look:
+ Fendi Iridia Crystal Corner Sunglasses
+ Lucy Paris Off-The-Shoulder Top
+ Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery Tote
+ J. Crew Vibrant Fluted Skirt
+ Valentino Rockstud Metallic Pumps


  1. Loving this skirt! ;)


  2. This is so beautiful! Love the entire look from head to toe!


  3. Love it!

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