A Casual Way To Wear A Trench Coat For Summer

Le Fashion Blog Summer Style Trench Coat Striped Off The Shoulder Top Frayed Jeans White Sneakers Via Madewell
Photo via: Madewell

Here's some style inspiration for those unpredictable summer rain showers. All you'll need is a trench coat draped over a sexy striped off-the-shoulder top, frayed jeans and sneakers.

Get the look:
+ Madewell Coinmix Pendant Necklace
ASOS Classic Trench Coat
+ Madewell Striped Off-The-Shoulder Top
+ M.i.h Jeans The Paris Crop Jeans
+ Selected Femme Donna Sneakers


  1. Perfect!

  2. Love this look! So effortlessly chic.
    xx, R @ the girl in polka dots

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