How To Turn A Button-Down Into A Skirt

Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Earrings Black Cami Tank Tie Front Striped Skirt Brown Leather Shoulder Bag Flat Sandals Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Black Tank Tucked Into Tie Front Striped Button Down Skirt Brown Leather Shoulder Bag Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Black Camisole Tucked Into Striped Button Down Shirt Flat Sandals Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Photos via: This Is Jayne Wayne

Nike shows us a cool way to get more uses out of your favorite button-down shirt-just turn it into a skirt! All you have to do is fit the collar part around your waist, tie the sleeves and voilà! You've now got yourself a tie-front skirt.

Get the look:
+ Tibi Classic Racer Back Camisole
+ Céline Trio Crossbody Bag
+ Comme Des Garçons Striped Shirt
+ AYR The Striped Easy Shirt 
+ Chloé Leather Criss-Cross Sandals


  1. Absolutely amazing! So simple and stylish!

  2. So cool!

  3. I have read your article very interesting and inspiring

  4. lovely look!

  5. Such a cool idea! Gonna try this out one day. One way of saving clothes! Hahaha. x


  6. No, no, no... Ladies, please do not wear this out of the house.
    For some odd reason you may think this is cute, but from a mans point of view it's rediculous. It looks more like something a homeless person would wear because they "had to", or maybe a child playing dress-up. Not something a woman would wear because she thinks it's fashionable.

    Not always, but sometimes ladies.....before you leave the house, you need to ask your husbands or boyfriends opinion.

    Have a great day

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