Summer Style: A Cool Pairing To Try Now

Le Fashion Blog Silk Dress Layered Over Denim Black Boots Via Sandra Semburg
Photo via: Sandra Semburg

Why just wear a dress, when you can wear a dress over denim? This styling combo has easily made its way back onto the scene of street style babes, top fashion bloggers and editors alike. It adds an interesting element and a pretty contrast. The roughness of the denim against the feminine feel of the silk makes this outfit a coveted one.

Get the look:
+ Betit Bateau 1x1 Iconic Tee
+ ATM Anthony Thomas Deep V Slip Dress
+ Raey Deep V-neck Slip Dress
+ AMO Babe Cropped Jeans
+ Asos Elle Leather Sock Boots


  1. I have been seeing in Vogue the trend of wearing a slip over jeans, you styled it so well! x

  2. So on point!

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