Street Style: 3 Ways To Wear Long Kimono-Inspired Jackets

Le Fashion Blog Street Style Giorgia Tordini Kimono Jacket With Red Belt Black Cami Denim Tote Bag Heeled Sandals Via Elle Spain
Le Fashion Blog Street Style Sunglasses Teal Kimono Jacket White Tee Mini Bag Around Waist Pointed Toe Embellished Flats Via Elle Spain
Le Fashion Blog Street Style Sunglasses Pink Kimono Jacket Tee Shirt Black Belt Cropped Denim White Pointed Toe Flats Via Elle Spain
Photos via: Elle Spain

These three street style stars show us how to fashionably wear a long kimono-style jacket. The key pieces are jeans, a simple tee or cami. Just cinch the waist with a belt or a mini bag and you're good to go!

Get the look:


  1. Really lovin these street styles! These long kimonos are beautiful!



  2. Love it!


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  4. I love kimonos, they look so bohemian. I even made a quiz on my blog about slipwear transitioned to streets.


  5. This is so beautiful! My the most unusual fashion discovery.

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