2 Chic 70's Inspired Looks To Try Now

Le Fashion Blog 2 Chic Seventies Outfits To Try Now Paisley Print Top Mustard Trousers Velvet Boot Blue Turtleneck Raw Hem Denim Suede Gucci Shoe Via @ Michelle Take Aim
Photo via: @michelletakeaim 

The 70's are still roaring in 2016, this we all know. These two blogging babes were spotted at New York Fashion Week sporting the trend. Michelle opted for a pastel blue oversized turtleneck, raw-hem denim and chunky suede heels while Brittany went all out in a printed blouse and mustard trousers. 

Get the look:


  1. Perf fall looks, love them!



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  3. Perfect outfits!



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