The Parisian-Inspired Hats We Can't Get Enough Of

Beret Hat Le Fashion Blog Elsa Hosk French Inspired Hats To Shop Now Via Vogue
Photo via: Vogue

You've seen them on our favorite supermodels, celebrities, and editors all around the world, so what exactly is making the Parisian-inspired hat so beloved? Besides just being a major trend, we all know that the obsession with all things French is severe. From their effortless sense of personal style to the light, but filling foods, the yearning for the Parisian aesthetic will never die. Elsa Hosk tested out this look during Paris Fashion Week by pairing red cat-eye sunglasses with a beret. In honor of our universal love for this style, shop the berets that keep us inspired below.


  1. Damn, nothing scream paris style like a red beret! Lovely outfit!


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  3. My absolutely favorite trend!

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  5. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  6. Very cool! Wish I could wear it but I cant get the movie "National Lampoon European Vacation" out of my mind.

  7. Beautiful sunglasses
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  8. I totally understand what you are writing about and I appreciate it.


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