Elevate Your Track Pants With A Statement Top

Le Fashion Blog Athleisure Statement Sleeve White Blouse Red Track Pants Flat Shoes Via Sandra Semburg
Photo via: Sandra Semburg

We're still fully embracing the athleisure trend with all the sneakers, hoodies, windbreakers, and track jackets galore. But sometimes it can get a bit repetitive, so why not step up your athleisure game with a statement top? This street style star was spotted sporting a white ruffle sleeved statement blouse, red side-stripe track pants, and black mule flats. The more unique the shirt, the better the look.


  1. Absolutely love it!


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  3. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  4. I love thiss look
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  5. Its all depend upon the combination of clothing we wear. Nice idea

  6. I wonder how someone can ride a bike with those sleeves though.

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