Must-Have: Luxe Loungewear

Le Fashion Blog Must Have Loungewear Striped T Shirt Grey Joggers Via The Chriselle Factor
Photo via: The Chriselle Factor

Just as it's important to nourish your skin before diving into makeup, it's just as vital to invest in comfortable loungewear for inside your home. There's no better feeling than arriving home after a long day of work (or errands, babysitting, or stumbling after a toddler) than taking off your boots, cleansing your skin and throwing on some comfy clothes. Loungewear is what you can put on before pajamas, just in case you need to run outside or take the dog for a walk. And who's to say they can't still be chic? Whether they're full on cashmere or embellished with lace-up details, loungewear is simply a must-have.