interns needed

ph: garance doré

alright so here’s the deal... I NEED INTERNS!

i'm looking for some hard working, motivated people to help me with all 5 of my blogs:
le fashion, le love, olsens anonymous, ...etc and le smoking.

duties include but are not limited to:
+ research
+ archiving images and blog content
+ handling mail/correspondence
+ tagging blog posts
+ updating/setting up social networking sites
+ photographing/ taking videos for content
+ general administrative tasks

the ideal candidate must...
+ live in the NYC area
+ be able to multitask
+ be super organized
+ have excellent communication + writing skills
+ be detail-oriented
+ be easy going/drama free
+ have a sense of humor
+ have a love for fashion + a strong interest in the content of all 5 of the blogs

*major plus is proficiency with html, blogger, photoshop, photography, videography + editing!*

the positions are open to those needing college credit, but it is not mandatory.
looking to start in december (the earliest) or the beginning of the spring semester for students.
i am currently sorting out some sort of stipend...
just know there will be plenty of little perks as an intern ♥

interested or have any questions?!
email your resume and cover letter to lefashionimage@gmail.com.




  1. aww, I wish I could apply... but I live in France :)
    I'm sure you'll find help, anyway!

    love from Paris
    Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  2. Good luck with looking for someone special...I would apply but I live in Slovakia :(


  3. aaah my dream, what an amazing opportunity! only one problem...i live in Sydney!

    I'm so sad I am missing out on this

    love all your blogs

  4. Im irish. darn. But if you need any intern work done - not in person - drop me a line. :) x

  5. should it have been a summer internship with a matt to sleep on as perks.. i would have been up for it!
    i live in paris too unfortunately.. NYC, fashion, .. aahh.

  6. I considered myself lucky to be living in London..now I'm starting to have doughts!

    If you ever need help all the way from London town send some smoke signals!


  7. Is Europe to far away? ;-)
    Seems like a nice job though!

  8. Damn, I want to pack my bags and move to New York!

    Sarah x


  9. i live in new jersey! right over the bridge, in river edge its only a few miles away from the city. is that too far? i actually need an internship for school to graduate and i adore your website. :/ i hope its not too far for you, i go into the city quite frequently already with friends. i'd really love if i could help out, and would be really eager to learn!


  10. haha everyone (including me) who wants to apply lives in Europe. ugh :(

  11. Okay this would top my list of reasons of why i should live in NYC!!!!!
    I'm Canadian :) and west coast.
    what an incredible opportunity for the lucky lady who gets it!!!!!
    i love all of your blogs!!


  12. i'm in MA but i wish i could apply!

  13. I wish I could apply.. I fulfill all requirements, except I live in Ecuador (Latin America). I hope you find someone suitable for the position! :)


  14. OOh if only I lived in NYC.. *shakes fist*


  15. If I lived in the city I would in a heartbeat.

    Managing my own blog has taught me quite a lot. Hopefully someday I'll be able to put my fashion knowledge to good use.


  16. in australia :(
    great opportunity

  17. I Love this post, very interesting)))
    Super blog.

  18. If only I lived in NYC!

    Love Grace.

  19. LA is quite a distance from NY or else I'd be jumping on this amazing opportunity.


  20. I'm up to my knees in baby stuff and my own blog, but will post for you on my blog that you're looking!

  21. I would actually pack my bags and get a new start.
    The plusses needed look like pluses i might have.
    Sense of humor indeed

    Susanne Kuuskman
    Estonia, studing in Italy, would go to NYC, why not.

  22. I will be sending in my resume by tonight. I dont live in NYC however I do go often, at least twice a month for shopping as I have a small shop. N-E way, I am very proficient with html,blogger, writing, and videography. I do some editing. However photoshop is not something Im great at. Hope I get it

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  24. Oh too bad I live in Finland!! Nice blogs you have! :)


  25. This is so exciting!! All of your blogs are awesome and I follow them all. NYC here I come lol.

  26. I would fly to NYC for this...which in turn would mean giving up an amazing summer in New Zealand! But I would do it! What an amazing opportunity! I just graduated as a journalist and I am absolutely OBSESSED with fashion (which is hard down here in NZL because it's not a big industry here yet) Ahhh one can only drem..... Good luck to whoever gets / got it!

    Kerrie xx

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