Emma Watson's Wimbledon Look is One We Want To Wear All Summer

Le Fashion Blog Emma Watson Wimbledon 2018 Ralph Lauren Long Shirt Dress Straw Hat Brown Belt White Heels Via Vogue
Photo via: Vogue

The stars that attended Wimbledon didn't show up in sports gear or branded t-shirts; they arrived in their very best. Emma Watson arrived wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren dress that brushes the shins and played on the traditional shirt dress's appeal. She cinched her waist with a large brown belt of the same designer and added a straw fedora and white ankle-strap heels to accelerate the look.


The Most Hydrating Face Washes To Add Into Your Daily Routine

Le Fashion Blog Update Your Skincare Hydrating Washes Via Song Of Style
Photo via: Song of Style

Besides stretching, an early morning run or a large mug of coffee, a good cleansing session is one the most relaxing, pleasing and necessary part of a daily skincare routine. Prepping the canvas (hint: your skin) for sunscreen, hyaluronic serums, and makeup is vital. With summer officially here, the time is now to switch to a face wash that'll hydrate, revitalize and prepare you for a humid, sweltering day. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination, here are a few of the best hydrating face washes to keep you looking as if it's not the peak of summer outside.

ps- It's Amazon Prime Day! The site carries many of your favorite skincare products.


Wear Your Ruffled Skirt Like This For Summer

Le Fashion Blog Sunglasses Tank Top Silk Yellow Midi Ruffled Skirt Netted Bag Trend Camel Colored Flats Via @deeshopdK
Photo via: @deeshopdK

What better way to embrace ruffles and the sunshine, mustard tone of the season than with a silk midi skirt? Let the skirt do the talking by pairing it with a simple white tank top, camel closed-toe mules, and a netted bag, for you know, fruit or whatever.

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