ph: ty ferg

currently crushing on THE (FASHION) HASH
so fresh + fun!


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  2. coat is amazing



  3. hellz yeah totally LOVE Hannah's super fab blog!! she has the best hair ever too!! xxxB


  4. I hadn't seen her blog before, the pictures are just rad!

    Greetings from Peru!


  5. wow great find love this too!


  6. ahaha yay! yes she has quite the amazing blog.
    her style and hair always have me inspired. plus, she's super lovely too. x.

  7. hehe yes, I follow her, she is always on point

  8. i love her! she has an amazing style and a personal way of taking pictures
    check out my last post about high socks ;


  9. adore that sweater absolutely perfect, amazing colour


  10. Love her!



  11. you introduce the best blogs, seriously ! thank yoou :)


  12. Love the knit!It's Acne right?


  13. You can have a crush on my blog too ;) just kidding
    I really liked her style thanks for sharing! xx


  14. love the knit top and the color.
    very cool
    Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

  15. The light blue looks amazing on here and such a beautiful, natural face.


  16. love those pics!

    btw you have a wonderful blog ♥♥

    xx Jana

  17. Wow shes so stunning and natural. Thanks for sharing x

  18. Adorable :)


  19. so cute indeed... I wanted those kinds of clothing. :)

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  21. The light blue looks amazing on here and such a beautiful, natural face.

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