Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Love Life Celine Slip-On Sneakers Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Celine-Slip-On-Sneakers-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Céline Slip-On Sneakers

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Striped Paul Andrew Zoya Flat Pump Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Striped-Paul-Andrew-Zoya-Flat-Pump-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Paul Andrew Zoya Flat Pump

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Proenza Schouler Silver Sandals Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Balenciaga-Studded-Flat-Leather-Sandal-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Balenciaga Studded Flat Leather Sandal

How did I not come across this awesome/adorable cats and flats Vogue story until now?!

Click below to check out more of my favorites from the story...

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Tabitha Simmons for Creatures of the Wind Leather Snakeskin Loafers Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Tabitha-Simmons-for-Creatures-of-the-Wind-Leather-Snakeskin-Loafers-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Tabitha Simmons for Creatures of the Wind Leather & Snakeskin Loafers

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Oscar de la Renta Cherry Ballerina Flat Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Oscar-de-la-Renta-Cherry-Ballerina-Flat-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Oscar de la Renta Pointed-Toe Cherry Ballerina Flat

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Tibi Hedda Crystal Sandal Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Tibi-Hedda-Crystal-Sandal-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Tibi Hedda Crystal Sandal

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Chloe Metal-Detailed Slide Sandals Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Chloe-Metal-Detailed-Slide-Sandals-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Chloé Metal-Detailed Slide Sandals

Le Fashion Blog Cats Kittens And Flats Balenciaga Studded Flat Leather Sandal Via Vogue photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Cats-And-Flats-Proenza-Schouler-Silver-Sandals-Via-Vogue.jpg
+ Proenza Schouler Silver Flat Chunky Sandal

Meow! Head over to Vogue to see the rest.


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  5. Melting! That is the cutest editorial for shoes I think I have ever seen ;-)

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  7. love it!!


  8. wonderful!

  9. My gosh! Those are absolutely fabulous. I love the vogue cat idea. My favorite of the bunch would be the one with the black cat under the red tasseled dress. It's giving me Cleopatra-meets-feline realness. Thank you for sharing such a cute post! Stay fab!

    Priscilla Price @ The Pet Glider

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