7 Stylish Travel Essentials

Le Fashion Blog -- 7 Stylish Travel Essentials: Chan Luu Cashmere Scarf, Smythson Travel Wallet and Passport Cover, Mansur Gavriel Tote Bag, Jurlique Rosewater Mist, Silk Sleep Eye Mask, Gone Girl Book & Frends Gold Headphones -- Ebay Guide -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-7-Stylish-Travel-Essentials-Cashmere-Scarf-Smythson-Travel-Wallet-Mansur-Gavriel-Tote-Gone-Girl-Book-Ebay-Guide.jpg

With the holidays coming up, I know a lot of you will be traveling, so to help with the process, I put together a guide with my top seven stylish travel essentials over on eBay.

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My eBay Guides and Collections were created as part of my collaboration with eBay. The opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. Love these travel picks! Long haul flights are the worst :( These will help though!!

    The Fashion Reformation

  2. I'd die for the headphones

  3. The headphones are gorgeous, love them! :)

    Check out my latest posts about fashion and so much more ♡


  4. Love love love the scarf and wallet!!!! This will be super helpful since I travel frequently.

  5. That tote bag is gorgeous!

    Sophia / sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  6. I have those headphones - the smaller version and I just love them! I took them with me on my trip to Spain this past summer. I haven't read Gone Girl yet but I heard it's amazing and I must read it before I see the movie!

  7. Love the hot pink wallet, so pretty!


  8. Love the Mansur Gavriel, really wish they would restock again soon.

    xx Cheyenne

  9. Love this checklist. And those headphones are awesome!


  10. Nice bag
    Lots of love, xx


  11. I just finished reading Gone Girl, it's amazing!


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