20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles

1 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Anne Catherine Frey Hair Street Style Via Vanessa Jackman photo 1-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Anne-Catherine-Frey-Hair-Street-Style-Via-Vanessa-Jackman.jpg
1. Anne-Catherine Frey // Vanessa Jackman

2 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Asymmetrical Hair Via Elle France photo 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Elle-France.jpg
2. Elle France

3 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Michelle Williams Hair Cut Louis Vuitton Campaign photo 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Michelle-Williams-Hair-Cut-Louis-Vuitton-Campaign.png
3. Michelle Williams // Louis Vuitton

4 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Ana Beatriz Barros Asymmetrical Hair Via Allure photo 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Ana-Beatriz-Barros-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Allure.jpg
4. Ana Beatriz Barros // Allure

5 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Bleach Blonde Asymmetrical Hair Kate Lanphear Via Hanneli photo 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Bleach-Blonde-Asymmetrical-Hair-Kate-Lanphear-Via-Hanneli.jpg
5. Kate Lanphear // Hanneli

6 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Bo Don Asymmetrical Hair Via Marie Claire Netherlands photo 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Bo-Don-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Marie-Claire-Netherlands.jpg
6. Bo Don // Marie Claire Netherlands

7 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Asymmetrical Hair Via Elle France photo 7-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Elle-France.jpg
7. Elle France

8 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Asymmetrical Hair Profile Via Patric Shaw photo 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Asymmetrical-Hair-Profile-Via-Patric-Shaw.jpg
8. Patric Shaw

9 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Jessica Chastain Asymmetrical Hair Via Daily Mail UK photo 9-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Jessica-Chastain-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Daily-Mail-UK.jpg
9. Jessica Chastain // Daily Mail UK

10 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Shaggy Textured Hair Via Jean Louis David photo 10-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Shaggy-Textured-Hair-Via-Jean-Louis-David.jpg
10. Jean Louis David

11 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Blonde Asymmetrical Hair Via Marie Claire Mexico photo 11-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Blonde-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Marie-Claire-Mexico.jpg
11. Marie Claire Mexico

12 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Asymmetrical Hair Via Anh Co Tran photo 12-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Asymmetrical-Hair-Via-Anh-Co-Tran.jpg
12. Anh Co Tran

13 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Kristen Stewart Asymmetrical Orange Hair Via Vanity Fair photo 13-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Kristen-Stewart-Asymmetrical-Orange-Hair-Via-Vanity-Fair.jpg
13. Vanity Fair

14 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Lea Seydoux Mod Hair Via Nowness photo 14-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Lea-Seydoux-Mod-Hair-Via-Nowness.jpg
14. Lea Seydoux // Nowness

15 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Model Freja Beha Erichsen Hair Via Teen Vogue photo 15-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Model-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-Hair-Via-Teen-Vogue.jpg
15. Freja Beha Erichsen // Teen Vogue

16 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Street Style Hair Plaid On Plaid Via Style Du Monde photo 16-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Street-Style-Hair-Plaid-On-Plaid-Via-Style-Du-Monde.jpg
16. Style Du Monde

17 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Kate Miss Back Of Hair Via For Me For You photo 17-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Kate-Miss-Back-Of-Hair-Via-For-Me-For-You.jpg
17. Kate Miss // For Me, For You

18 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Sleeked Back Hair Backstage Via Vanessa Jackman photo 18-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Sleeked-Back-Hair-Backstage-Via-Vanessa-Jackman.jpg
18. Vanessa Jackman

19 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Model Cat McNeil Hair Hermes Campaign Via Vogue Paris photo 19-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Model-Cat-McNeil-Hair-Hermes-Campaign-Via-Vogue-Paris.jpg
19. Cat McNeil // Vogue Paris

20 Le Fashion Blog 20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles Backstage Model Pixie Cut Bright Pink Lipstick Via Elle France photo 20-Le-Fashion-Blog-20-Inspiring-Short-Hairstyles-Backstage-Model-Pixie-Cut-Bright-Pink-Lipstick-Via-Elle-France.jpg
20. Elle France

How I wish I could rock short hair like these stunning babes!


  1. What fab inspo!

    BAGS Spirng/Summer 2015 big selection on
    lb-lc fashion blog| bloglovin'

  2. I always contemplate chopping my hair off when I see great images like this. And I have even had my hair this short before, but I always miss being able to pull everything back in a ponytail, so I never make the cut. Maybe this will be the summer...


  3. They all look gorgeous but I don't think I could ever pull that look off!


  4. Beautiful! These are all amazing, especially 19 and 6!


  5. I have a short pixie cut, but it is getting long so I need a trim. Thanks for sharing some fabulous photos. I am inspired.



  6. Love short hairstyles as they are so chic! Thanks for sharing these beautiful styles!


  7. Totally wish I could cut my hair this short! So much less trouble and you'd look super chic, but unfortunately I feel like you'd need exceptional cheekbones to pull this kind of hairstyle off! Unfortunately, I am lacking in that department haha!

  8. Love this hairstyle !


  9. Love the haircuts!

    Your Silk & Salt Team
    - Instagram is for pictures, Youtube is for videos, Silk & Salt is for blog posts -


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  13. fabulous inspirations! :)


  14. What an inspirational post. I wish I had the courage to cut my hair this short. I'm worried I'd regret it though. Number 14 is my favourite so beautiful and elegant.

  15. Love the cuts though I bet they're all pretty high maintenance.

  16. Nice post ! Love all the gorgeous photos!


  17. Wish there were more curly photos here. Just recently cut my hair this short in an asymmetrical bob with curly hair. I love it. And no, it's not high maintenance. It's easy.

  18. Nice! It would be nice if you also show images for curly hair, not everybody has straight hair.

  19. I love short hair but I greatly dislike that messy look that you mostly show here. I would be embarassed to appear in public.

  20. So, it appears to me that these are 19 versions of the same haircut, with one simple exception. Not inspiring at all, really.

  21. # 20 and # 3 would be my choices, though I like most of them.

  22. So cute! I was just pinning short hairstyles yesterday. I'll have to add some of these.

  23. Ooooooo! Love short hair! I could never --- my face is just too little. Short hair = chic!

  24. I was just thinking to chop my long hair off last weekend but decided against it. This post made me contemplate all over again!

  25. I've always wanted to see myself in very short hair, but I was never brave enough...


  26. i love short hair, especial pixie

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  30. Wow I just loved the hair styles of the little angels you have shown in the pictures; I like the different ponytail styles in this blog.

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  34. All these inspiring short hair style definitely like by every girls those who have short hair.

  35. I love these short hair suggestions. Thanks!

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