A Sweater Dress And Sneakers Make For A Cool Low-Key Weekend Look

Le Fashion Blog Baseball Cap Sweater Dress Black High Top Converse Sneakers Low Key Casual Weekend Style photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Baseball-Cap-Sweater-Dress-Black-High-Top-Converse-Sneakers-Low-Key-Casual-Weekend-Style.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Midi Sweater Dress Converse High Top Sneakers Low Key Casual Weekend Style photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Midi-Sweater-Dress--Converse-High-Top-Sneakers-Low-Key-Casual-Weekend-Style.jpg

I never thought to wear a sweater dress with sneakers and a baseball cap, but the combo comes together to create the perfect look for a low-key weekend.

Get the look:
+ Volcom Good Hair Day Baseball Cap
+ ASOS Midi Dress In Knit
+ Converse Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers


  1. love the baseball hat paired with the dress, such a cool look !

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Perfect medium between comfort and class!

  3. lovely dress! :)


  4. Love this !


  5. Sweater dresses are the best!

  6. My kind of style! I have these shoes and wore them every Sat and Sun when I lived in Manhattan to walk around the city. They go with EVERYTHING!!

    xx Jill
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  7. love the look!! looks sooo comfortable! x


  8. bummer for the short and curvy girls like me who look rediculous in such outfits!
    September Rules

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