Get Chloe Sevingy's Downtown Cool Blazer And Cut-Off Shorts Look

Le Fashion Blog Chloe Sevigny White Scalloped Blazer Silk Top Cut Off Denim Shorts Zip Clutch Celebrity Summer Style Via Zimbio
Le Fashion Blog Chloe Sevigny Scalloped White Blazer Silk Top Cut Off Jean Shorts Black Clutch Celebrity Summer Style Via Zimbio
Photos via: Zimbio

Like the Olsen twins, actress Chloe Sevigny is always ahead of the fashion curve. This downtown cool look is from 2009, yet her scalloped white blazer and cut-off denim shorts are perfectly on-trend for summer. Love this woman!

Get the look:
+ Boutique Moschino Scalloped Trim Blazer
+ Eilise Long Line Blazer In Cream
+ Lafayette 148 New York Hi-Lo Silk Tank
+ Free People Irreplaceable Cut Off Shorts
+ Joshu + Vela Leather Zip Clutch

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  1. Love her blazer!

  2. Great look! Beautiful blazer. Have a great rest of the week!

    xo, Bry


  3. Her look is absolutely super duper cute !!! And... I'm in love with the blazer :)

  4. Love the white blazer !


  5. Love all her look!


  6. She looks amazing. Live this look!


  7. Hey Jenn,
    Wow what a great find, and a TBT none the less! I love that there are amazing people out there like Chloe who we can draw inspiration from even their past outfits.
    I think what really makes this outfit is that she didn't do much with her hair, which is also, amazingly, still on point and oh so French!
    Definitely worth sharing!

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  11. I love Chloe. She has the best legs ever.

  12. Very Wonderful blazer cut off shorts. Looks superb .

  13. What i can say about this blazer so beautiful really

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