Shoe Crush: Classic Pointy Toe Flats

Le Fashion Blog Shoe Crush Jeffrey Campbell Vionnet Classic Pointy Toe Flats Loafers Budget Friendly Cropped White Jeans Need Supply Co.
Le Fashion Blog Shoe Crush Jeffrey Campbell Vionnet Classic Pointy Toe Flats 100 Budget Friendly Black White Nude Loafers
Photos via: Need Supply Co.

Currently crushing on these classic pointy toe flats. They're perfect for running errands, work and beyond, plus they come in variety of colors. Decisions, decisions!

Get the look:
+ ASOS Denim High Waist Wide Leg Jeans in Off White
+ Treasure&Bond Skinny Jeans
+ Jeffrey Campbell Vionnet Flats (also here)


  1. these are amazing, love the nude ones!

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Love these. I've been searching for the perfect pointy toe black flats as I've worn mine into the ground...

  3. I adore the toe flats!

    xx, http://girlswearblack.blogspot.com.es

  4. I am loving them!


  5. Love this flats!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

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  7. Pointy flats are my current fave! I love all of Nicholas Kirkwood flats and think they're worth the price. I also love the Jimmy Choo ones! They look gorgeous with any kind of pants, skinny or wide leg!


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  9. love the look of these flats!

    xx Angie | http://www.thefashionfuse.com

  10. I bought my new shoes here in https://www.justfor5pounds.com/ buy yours now!

  11. I'm totally crushing on those as well!! I am following you on Bloglovin, please follow me back and don't forget to drop some comments to say hi :)

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  17. So nice pointy toe flats.Thanks for sharing.

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