Keep It Simple In A Grey Tee And Skinny Black Pants

Le Fashion Blog Simple Summer Style Round Sunglasses Grey Tee T Shirt Leather Look Skinny Black Pants Ankle Strap Sandals Blogger Not Your Standard
Photo via: Not Your Standard

Kayla shows how to keep it simple, yet cool in metal rim round sunglasses, a grey tee, skinny black pants and ankle strap sandals.

Get the look:
+ ASOS Metal Round Sunglasses
+ Zoe Karssen Relaxed Fit Basic Tee
+ David Lerner New Seamed Leggings
+ Steve Madden Stecy Sandal


  1. So simple, but so perfect!

  2. those trousers are great, such a gorgeous look!

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  3. Will definitely try this out!


  4. Such a simple, effortless and chic look!
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  5. Simple but beautiful!


  6. love this simple look


  7. Great job to attract the visitors. Lots of thank from my Smart Lifestyle site.

  8. Perfect pants!


  9. easily put together yet great on the eye. x


  10. simple chic!


  11. simple and cool! :D


  12. Loving this simple look!

  13. <3


  14. Simple but elegant! So chic! Loved the combination and the outfit is damn cool and soothing.


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  27. Wow ! very simple style grey tee shirt and black pants.

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