DIY: Mirrored Gold Jewelry Dish

Le Fashion Blog DIY Mirrored Gold Jewelry Dish Hexagon Plate Marble Counter Rose Perfume Candle Gold Spiral Rings Via Homey Oh My
Le Fashion Blog DIY Mirrored Gold Jewelry Dish Hexagon Ring Plate Marble Counter Rose Perfume Gold Earrings Via Homey Oh My
Photos via: Homey Oh My!

I've been on the hunt for a cute way to hold my rings and earrings and came across this great DIY for a mirrored gold jewelry dish. It's also serves as a statement piece for your nightstand or dresser. Head over to Homey Oh My! for all the details and instructions.


  1. Love this one!!!
    Watch what to do on rainy days on my blog.

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  2. Such a nice DIY !


  3. Love this DIY, really must try it!!:)



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  5. Such a good idea!


  6. Love this. I have a tray very similar next to my bed and kitchen sink to put my wedding ring on anytime I take it off so I know it is safe. This is a chic dish to use.



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