4 Stylish Hair Looks For The Gym

Le Fashion Blog Beauty Post Gym Hair Inspiration Slick Wet Look Low Ponytail French Braid Updo Hairstyle Esra Roise Illustration Via Urban Outfitters
Le Fashion Blog Beauty Post Gym Hair Inspiration Soft Beachy Waves Center Part  Hairstyle Esra Roise Illustration Via Urban Outfitters
Le Fashion Blog Beauty Post Gym Hair Inspiration Low Loose Bun Ponytail Tie Hairstyle Esra Roise Illustration Via Urban Outfitters
Le Fashion Blog Beauty Post Gym Hair Inspiration Round Circle Hair Clip Wavy Half Updo Hairstyle Esra Roise Illustration Via Urban Outfitters
Illustrations by Esra Roise for UO Blog

Here are four stylish hair looks that are perfect for your next workout at the gym.


  1. These hairdos are so stylish that I would love them to wear also outside the gym :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  5. I always use style no. 3. Easy and the fastest way to style it! Nice post xo


  6. Love this post so much! Have to admit I use no. 3 way too often!



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