A Cool Culottes Outfit For The Office And Beyond

Le Fashion Blog Fall Workwear Round Sunglasses V Neck Sweater Plaid Button Down Shirt Leather Bucket Bag Striped Culottes Black Ankle Boots Office Style Via Daily Look
Le Fashion Blog Fall Officewear Tortoise Round Sunglasses V Neck Olive Pullover Plaid Button Down Shirt Leather Cinch Bucket Bag Black Striped Culottes Work Style Via Daily Look
Photos via: Daily Look

Loving this layered culottes look for the office! The bucket bag and mix of stripes with plaid add to it's cool feel. Just switch to pumps and this has after-work drinks written all over it!

Get the look:
+ Quay Coy Sunglasse
+ Merona Tunic Sweater
+ Rails Hunter Button Down Plaid Shirt
+ CHC Small Leather Bucket Bag
+ River Island Navy Stripe Smart Belted Culottes
+ Chinese Laundry Zip It Booties


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  2. Awesome style !


  3. I love culottes, they're so comfortable and chic at the same time, we should have more trends like these.


  4. Love the oversized knit

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  5. I'm in love with this outfit!! It looks so chic and comfortable. The culottes have to be my favorite part of the whole outfit. I have a pair myself and I love to match them with a stiletto heel when I wear them.

  6. Love the effortlessly chic vibe of this outfit! The layered look is such a classic style too.


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  10. nice stripe pants!

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