A Chic Way To Add Color To Your Winter Work Wardrobe

Le Fashion Blog Fall Work Style Ribbed White Mock Neck Sweater Leather Tote Brown Orange Button Front Wide Leg Pants Via ASOS
Le Fashion Blog Fall Office Style Ribbed White Sweater Brown Orange Button Front Wide Leg Pants Black Strappy Heels Via ASOS

These button-front wide leg pants are perfect for adding color to your winter work wardrobe. They  can be paired with almost any classic knit you own and go great with heeled ankle boots on those cold days when you need added warmth.

Get the look:
+ ASOS Baby Rib Sweater With Turtleneck In Structured Knit
+ ASOS Flared Pant With Button Front
+ MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Saffiano Tote Bag
+ ASOS Helsinki Heeled Sandals


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