A Blogger-Approved Way To Style Silver Loafers

Le Fashion Blog Long Black And White Patterned Coat Blouse With Ribbon Black Clutch Mih Vintage Denim Metallic Chunky Heeled Loafers Via All The Pretty Birds
Le Fashion Blog Green Beret Classic Long Coat Blouse With Ribbon Mih Vintage Style Jeans Silver Heeled Loafers Via All The Pretty Birds
Photos via: All The Pretty Birds

Tamu is the epitome of chic no matter the occasion. There is a style trend that every fashion enthusiast is loving and that is the metallic loafer. Turn your feet into a statement by styling these shining shoes with cuffed denim and an oversized coat.

Get the look:
+ Forever 21 Glen Plaid Duster Coat
+ Catch Me Black And White Plaid Coat
+ Sole Society Boxy Flap Clutch
+ Denim X Alexander Wang Boy Fit Jeans
+ Topshop Jean Tread Down Loafers


  1. Love the styling in this image and I'm such a fan of the silver.


  2. Stylish head to toe, love this look!

    Special Spring 2016 moodboard on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  3. absolutely love this trend in shoes right now!

  4. Perfect <3


  5. Great look!! I love the shoes!!

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