How To Wear A Graphic Tee Like A Fashion Blogger

Le Fashion Blog Blogger Street Style Nyfw Beige Sunglasses Wavy Hair White Blazer Graphic Tee Metallic Clutch Metal Detailed Belt Black Wide Leg Pants Via Popsugar
Photo via: Popsugar

Blogger Aimee Song is serving up some major inspiration on how to style a graphic tee. She looks crazy cool with her wavy hair, bright white blazer, graphic tee, metal-detailed belt, metallic clutch and wide-leg pants.

Get the look:
+ Oliver Peoples Masek Sunglasses
+ ASOS Slim Tailored Jacket In Crepe
+ $elfmade Fashion Statement Tee
+ Alice + Olivia Eric Wide Leg Pants
+ ADPT Wide Pants With D Ring Belt


  1. Love her style!


  2. Great outfit!!

    AGNESE from http://www.theblogness.com

  3. Her style game is amazing!!!!
    I love cool graphic tees, too, like this one here: http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2016/03/style-t-shirt-and-jeans-kinda-gal.html

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  5. I love that T shirt! I will be looking for it lol


  6. Love this look! Perfect way to wera a graphic T!


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