A Blogger's Casual Cool Take On The Slip Dress

Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Casual Cool Oversized Sunglasses Denim Jacket White Slip Dress Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers Via Badlands
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Casual Cool Black Oversized Sunglasses Light Wash Jean Jacket Short White Slip Dress Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers Via Badlands
Photos via: Badlands

We are always down to slip into something more comfortable which explains why we are major fans of Talisa's comfy, yet stylish look. This blogger is the definition of casual cool in her oversized sunglasses, a denim jacket and a mini slip dress paired with Adidas sneakers.

Get the look:
+ Electric Round Sunglasses
+ Mango Oversize Denim Jacket
+ Suncoo Sun Strap Dress In Cream
+ ASOS Scoop Mack Mini Sundress
+ Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers


  1. I love how you styled this, such an effortless cool look. Fancy following me back on Bloglovin'? If so, I will leave my links below. Great post x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Super simple - love it!


  3. Love her style!


  4. Love the casual look!! <3 Really thinking of buying a pair of stan smiths


  5. That dress with the jacket! SO cute!!


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