See How Christine Centenera Styles A Long Knit Dress For Spring

Le Fashion Blog Street Style Editor Christine Centenera Wavy Short Hair Prada Sunglasses Long Celine Ribbed Knit Dress Black Leather Pointed Toe Ankle Boots Via People & Styles
Le Fashion Blog Street Style Editor Christine Centenera Wavy Bob Prada Sunglasses Celine Ribbed Knit Dress Black Pointed Toe Ankle Boots Via People & Styles
Photos via: People & Styles

Even though we are anxiously awaiting the warm weather and can't wait to ditch our jackets, we've still got a bit of time to kill. However, editor Christine Centenera opts out of wearing a coat and still manages to keep warm by wearing a long sleeve Celine ribbed knit dress with pointed-toe ankle boots. She also gets major bonus points for her killer wavy bob.

Get the look:
+ Prada Cat-Eye Double-Bridge Sunglasses
+ Celine Rib Mid-Length Dress
+ A.L.C. Open-Back Marcia Dress
+ Nasty Gal Kozmic Ribbed Knit Dress
+ Alexander McQueen Ankle Boot


  1. I really love the simplicity and effortlessness of this outfit!!


  2. LOVEEE this look! I love how simple and chic it is and pairing it with the pointed ankle boots is genius.

    The Modern Alice

  3. I'm obsessed with her style!

  4. Love her style!


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