See Kate Bosworth's Cool Take On The Dress And Blazer Look

Le Fashion Blog Celebrity Style Kate Bosworth Neutral Blazer Black Dress Buckled Pointed Toe Ankle Boots Via Young Celebrity
Photo via: Young Celebrity

Kate Bosworth knows a thing or two when it comes to looking effortlessly cool. Here she is in a neutral blazer, a simple black dress and edgy buckled pointed-toe ankle boots. We can't wait to re-create this look for ourselves!

Get the look:
+ Ray-Ban Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses
+ Missguided Tailored Nude Blazer
+ Minkpink Island Bliss Lace Up Dress
+ Wilt Trapeze Tee Dress
+ Toga Ankle Cowboy Boot


  1. The ankle boots are such a statement piece in this look, and I love it! The outfit looks adorable and yet full of personality.

    - Jennifer bohobags.com

  2. Love it!

  3. Very nice blazer !


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