Vacation Style: How To Pull Off A White Dress With Tassels

Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Vacation Look Messy Bun Anine Bing White Dress With Tassels Bracelets Small Leather Bag White Sneakers Via @Mikutas
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Vacation Look Layered Necklaces Anine Bing White Dress With Tassels Bracelet Stack Small Black Leather Crossbody Bag Via @Mikutas
Photos via: @Mikutas

Figuring out what to pack for vacation can be super challenging. Fortunately, blogger Jacqueline provides us with some adorable vacation style inspiration. Here she is in a white dress with tassels, multiple bracelets, a small leather bag and casual white sneakers.

Get the look:
Anine Bing Tassel Dress (also here)
+ Blaque Label Dress With Tassels
+ Forever 21 Bangle Set
+ Warehouse Stitch Mini Saddle Bag
+ Adidas Originals Stan Smith Trainers


  1. Perfect <3

  2. Great outfit!

  3. ada, yakin ada, harus ada, pasti ada. cintaaaaaaa

  4. Amazing look, those stacking bracelets are gorgeous!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  5. To "pull off a white dress with tassels" you reach down, take it by the hem & lift it up until it is clear of your head then deposit it on the floor.
    Why do bloggers ignore and debase the english language?

  6. I love the tassels on the dress. Super cute. I could definitely rock this

    Nelo's Halo Blog

  7. Seriously considering getting a pair of the Stan Smiths! You look great <3

    Diana | http://thechicdiary.com/blog/6/16/2016-aer-duffel-pack-the-modern-gym-bag-for-the-everyday-professional

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