How To Look Chic At The Beach

Le Fashion Blog Pom Pom Sandals Bathing Suit How To Look Cool At The Beach Via Something Navy
Photo via: Something Navy

There are a few items that you need in order to look cool at the beach. The first step, is planning that trip (finally) and going to the beach. The second step is to find a killer bathing suit. The third step, a pair of sunnies to keep the blazing sun out of your eyes and you wandering eye covered. The fourth step is to find a pair of sandals that ooze the aesthetic of the season. And the final step: a wide brim hat. Done.

Get the look:
+ Jeepers Peepers Round White Sunglasses
+ Janessa Leone Calla Bolero Hat
Same Swim Catch Bikini Top
+ Asos Hot Tropic Print Swimsuit
+ Elina Linardaki Penny Lane Sandal


  1. You look stunning ! <3

    Jillian - www.cupofcharisma.com

  2. Very cute & trendy! :)


  3. Loved the sunglasses and the sandals


  4. Agree, beach look also can be chic.

  5. Those sandals I have been seeing everywhere!! They are amazing!! xx

  6. Wonderful bikini and sandals!


  7. Great!

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