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Le Fashion Blog Fall Blogger Style Oversized Black Denim Jacket Brown Ribbed Sweater Grey Tee Skinny Jeans With Ripped Knees Olive Green Lace Up Heeled Sandals Via Alex’s Closet
Le Fashion Blog Fall Blogger Style Choker Necklace Oversized Black Jean Jacket Brown Ribbed Knit Grey Tee Shirt Gold Chunky Watch Jeans Via Alex’s Closet
Le Fashion Blog Fall Blogger Style Choker Necklace Oversized Black Denim Jacket Brown Ribbed Sweater Grey Tee Shirt Skinny Jeans With Torn Knees Olive Green Lace Up Heels Via Alex’s Closet
Photos via: Alex's Closet

Alex put together an outrageously cool layered look that's spot-on for the fall season. To pull if off, you'll need an oversized black denim jacket, a brown ribbed sweater, a grey tee, skinny black jeans with ripped knees, and olive green lace-up heeled sandals. Oh, and let's not forget a chunky gold watch!

Get the look:
+ Pull&Bear Oversized Denim Jacket
+ Ann Taylor Ribbed Boucle Sweater
+ Club Monaco Sunny Tee
+ ASOS Lisbon Ripped Knee Jeans
Kenneth Cole Strappy Sandal


  1. I love this outfit because is so casual nad trendy! Absolutely my style!

    Mireia from TGL

  2. I am in love with this look, that jacket is literally perfection, i've been looking for a jacket like that for soooo long now hehe !


  3. Absolutely love this outfit! So perfect!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. Such a rad look! All those top layers tho!



  5. Love your Kenneth Cole Strappy Sandal. I will buy this soon. thank you so much for sharing links of Sandal below.

  6. Perfect!


  7. The ribbed sweater is simply amazing. Will surely buy it soon.

  8. That sweat shirt is outstanding. You really got an eye on fashion.

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  11. The dress is very much stunning. Thanks for the post...

  12. Hey looking just gorgeous.
    The dress is awesome.
    Thank you.

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    thanks for sharing

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