A Casual Cool Outfit For A Cold Weekend

Le Fashion Blog Longline Coat Cream Sweater Leather Leggings White Sneakers Via Vienna Wedekind Le fashion Blog Cableknit Sweater Camel Colored Coat Leather Pants White Sneakers Via Vienna Wedekind
Photos via: Vienna Wedekind

The weather has been up and down, back and fourth, hotter and colder than it should be at certain points. With bipolar weather comes the fun of layering. This blogger opted for a longline coat, chunky sweater, skinny jeans and sneakers. Take off the coat as the heat increases or keep it on and add a hat when the cool night air makes a comeback. 


  1. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  2. My favorite combination in the winter time. :))

  3. SO cute and casual! Great classic look!


  4. The YSL Bag is just amazing! :) ♥


  5. Longline coat, chunky sweater, skinny jeans and sneakers all these are really fantastic collections of this weather . perfect idea.


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