An Easy Summer Outfit To Copy This Weekend

Le Fashion Blog Summer Dressing Flower Print Red Dress Yellow Gucci Bag Flat Sandals Tassle Earrings Via Janni Deler Le Fashion Blog Tassle Earrings Red Floral Dress Gucci Bag Via Janni Deler
Photos via: Janni Deler

It's not always easy to stay within the lines of appropriate and chic when it's beyond hot outside and all you want to wear is well, nothing! Getting ready during the summer is ten times faster, but takes a little more creativity. This blogger wore a showstopping red floral dress, mustard-colored crossbody bag, and flat sandals. See? Easy as cake.

Get the look:
+ Lizzy Fortunato Poppy Fringe Earrings
+ WYLDR Wicked Games Dress
+ Topshop Floral Frill Bardot Dress
+ Gucci GG Marmont Crossbody Bag
+ Valia Gabriel Nikki Sandal


  1. Great dress!


  2. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  3. She looks amazing! total holiday inspiration x

  4. Wow I love the dress in combination with the yellow gucci bag!!

  5. 100% agree about difficult to find the line between chic and appropriate, but this dress totally fits it! Love this look!

  6. It's a lovely outfit but the sleeves look too hot for summer

  7. Such a beautiful dress! It goes so well with your earrings <3


  8. I love this outfit! So colourful and perfect for a summer holiday

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