Beat The Heat With A Crop Top And Cool Khaki Pants

Spring Summer Street Style Crop Tank Top Burgundy Shoulder Bag Tie Front Trousers Pants Strappy Block Heel Sandals Le Fashion Blog
Photos via: What What Wear

If you're looking for a no-brainer outfit that will keep you looking cool and feeling cool this summer, we recommend giving this street style inspiration a try. Three key pieces are all you need: a black crop top, tie-front khaki pants, and strappy sandals.

Get the look:
+ Design Lab Lord & Taylor Bandeau Tank
+ Emp.T Label Cube Box Shoulder Bag
+ H&M Wide-Cut Twill Pants
+ Loft Tie Waist Wide Leg Pants
+ Stuart Weitzman Lace Up Leather Sandals


  1. Great look!


  2. Love the look !


  3. Those pants are amazing, I love the minimal look!


  4. Looking beautiful


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  14. Je trouve que c'est un peu trop serré le haut et ce n'est pas bien pour la poitrine

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