A Casual Chic All-Black Blogger Outfit To Try Now

Le Fashion Blog All Black Balloon Sleeve Blouse Black Jeans Green Satin Flats Via @Lifeofboheme
Photo via: @lifeofboheme

It's hard to wear all black during the summer and not feel like you have one foot in autumn, but it can be done! Marta continuously proves this with cool and chic monochromatic ensembles that leave us drooling. She wore a black balloon sleeve top (we're still totally for statement sleeves) with black straight-leg, raw-hem jeans. The best part of this outfit is the pop of color coming from a luxury pair of Balenciaga mules.

Get the look:
+ Tibi V-Neck Ruffle Top
+ Toit Volant Harriet Top
+ Black Orchid Cindy Slant Fray Jeans
+ Mother Ankle Fray Jeans
+ Balenciaga Satin Mules


  1. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  2. The green shoes totally make the outfit. Accessories are key.

    xoKaelen | http://darlingmarcelle.com 

  3. Beautiful outfit! Love everything about it <3


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  5. gorgeous shoes!

    Jo x

  6. Perfect <3


  7. The first thing I said was "those shoes though" I absolutely love them. I feel like they were made for that outfit.

  8. Love this! So simple but with a splash of colour from the shoes!


  9. great outfit!



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