An Inspiring Way to Wear Pastels This Season

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Photo via: Style Caster

During the spring and summer, wearing baby blues, purples, and pinks seems thoughtless—Why wouldn't you? But during the fall and winter, color tends to go dark. Wearing pastels during the new season doesn't have to be a faux pas anymore. Just like white after Labor Day, we're embracing this trend. Pair a bright coat with winter staples; a black turtleneck, studded gray jeans, and white heeled boots.


  1. I love pastel colors
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  3. Cool style!

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  4. Absolutely love it!

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  7. I am so loving this pastel, purple coat. I have a pink pastel coat and I love wearing it. It is such a fun burst of color against the black ones on the street.

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  10. I love this coat!!!!


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