A Casual Cool Way to Wear a Knit Skirt

Le  Fashion  Blog  White  T  Shirt  Gold  Earrings  Cream  Knit  Midi  Skirt  White  Sneakers  Via  Wide  Eyed  Legless Fall Outfit Idea Le  Fashion  Blog  Basic  White  T  Shirt  Knit  Midi  Skirt  White  Sneakers  Via  Wide  Eyed  Legless
Photo via: Wide Eyed Legless

We all can admire a look that doubles in comfort and style and this blogger has given us just that. Pair a cozy, lived-in t-shirt with a knit midi skirt, and white sneakers. All you'll need to give this outfit its extra push is a simple gold necklace and earrings. On chillier days opt for a denim jacket or minimal neutral coat.


  1. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  2. Love it !


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  4. So chic, love it!
    Greetings from New York.

    Nikoleta Lj, xoxo. / https://nikoletalj.blogspot.com

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  6. Lovely look, love the toned down colours.

    Marije | thegfguide.com

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