You Won't Believe This Black Shearling Aviator Jacket Is Under $100

Affordable Under 100 Black Shearling Aviator Leather Jacket Acne Studios Inspired Fall Winter Must Have Outfit Le Fashion Blog
Budget Friendly Under 100 Acne Studios inspired Black Shearling Aviator Jacket Fall Winter Trend Le Fashion Blog
Under 100 Black Shearling Lined Aviator Leather Jacket Inspired By Acne Studios Fall Winter Outfit Idea Le Fashion Blog
Photos via: ASOS

When we came across this black shearling aviator jacket we couldn't believe the price. It's incredibly hard to find a piece that looks straight-up designer at under $100, so safe to say, we're scooping up one of our own before it sells out. For inspiration on how to wear the jacket make sure to check out how Alex Chung has worn a similar brown version. Shop more of our favorite budget-friendly shearling finds below.


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  2. Absolutely love it!


  3. Perfect jacket, just wish the weather would cool down a bit :)



  4. I ove jacket and i love your price
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  5. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  6. i like it ,, come to my blog also


  7. The jacket and the the way stylist make it is really impressive. ilove it.
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  9. Good outfit, the aviator jacket brings a sweet aggressive touch. top! :)




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