We’re Taking This Cozy Look Into The Weekend

Le Fashion Blog Weekend Casual Grey Chunky Turtleneck Straight Leg Distressed Jeans Combat Boots Via @tineandreaa
Photo via:@tineandreaa

The weather can't seem to make up its mind; one week it's below freezing and the next there's a pleasant wind and an abundance of sunshine. This blogger wore the perfect cool (yet cozy) outfit. She paired an embellished chunky grey turtleneck with vintage jeans and a pair of combat boots. She allowed the unique sweater to make the biggest statement, while mod sunglasses and a teeny emerald colored purse added more detail. So, when the weather is wishy-washy, toss a coat on or leave it off for this perfect weekend look.


  1. You look so stylish, i like you outfits are perfect for the winter time! I love that chunky grey turtleneck sweater with the jeans and the combination of boots.such a great collection for weekend time.
    Modalist - Celebrating a World of Style and Fashion

  2. So nice sweater

  3. Love the look!


  4. Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL


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