A Cool Way To Belt A Blazer

Le Fashion Blog Black Long Skinny Belt Tied On A Green Suede Blazer Pants Via @CountryRoad
Photo via: @CountryRoad

Remember our old friend the black, skinny scarf? Well, we've discovered another fashionable way to style it. As we see here, the long black skinny scarf can also make for a cool way to belt your favorite blazer. Since it's kept in place by the belt, you can even skip wearing a top underneath for a sleek, sexy look.

Get the look:
+ New Look Khaki Texture Blazer
+ Boohoo Eloise Notch Neck Blazer
+ Brave Obi Wrap Suede Belt
+ L. Erickson Dupioni Sash Belt
+ Ming Wang Straight Leg Pants


  1. Love it!


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