Must-Have: Bright Yellow Maxi Dress For Spring And Summer

Le Fashion Blog Must Have Bright Yellow Pleated Maxi Dress Spring And Summer Style Silver Heeled Sandals Via BR
Photo via: Banana Republic

If there's one item to invest in for spring and summer, it's a bold-hued yellow maxi dress like this hot number above. This bright piece is perfect for day dates, brunch or even weddings.

Get the look:
+ Pleated Strappy Maxi Dress
+ Secret Message Bracelet
+ Holland Heeled Sandal


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  2. Such a fab color, perfect for Summer and tanned skin!

    Spring jeans
    lblc style blog

  3. I'm so into yellow at the moment and Banana Republic is one of my favourite brands x

    Wonky Lauren

  4. Love that dress <3


  5. wow, very nice color and you look awesome.

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